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Today's braai word:
an abbreviation of "boerewors"

Welcome to BraaiBoy

Thank you for popping in to my corner of the web. This site is dedicated to me (BraaiBoy) and my braai adventures. In 2009 (April 17th to be exact), I started braaing and have done so every day since. Come rain or shine you'll find me around a fire at least once a day (sometimes more if I'm on holiday).

Why am I doing this? Well, it started off as a dare for a bit of fun (to see if I could braai every day for a whole year), and it sort of just carried on from there. I don't know when I'll end it... I'm guessing never, but until then, please bookmark this site and pop in every so often and check what I'm up to.

Many of the pages on this site are still "coming soon"... I'll work on them as fast and as soon as I can. If you're on FaceBook, please feel free to join the BraaiBoy Fan Page, or if you prefer, follow BraaiBoy's Tweets on Twitter.

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