Movember 2013 - MOgress

by BraaiBoy 18. November 2013 18:31
So I've been a little slow out of the blocks this year with raising funds for Movember, but I'm hoping that the fact that I was in other timezones with little or no access to Internet (and WAY too many distractions) will afford me a little leeway.

If you are growing a Mo this year, you should have quite a bit to show. The uncomfortable, itchy early days are now a thing of the past and smoother days lie ahead.

BraaiBoy Movember 2013 MOgress
Here's my MOgress

Gillete got involved with Movember this year and put together and awesome Mobile Barber Shop. I was fortunate enough to pop into one of their mobile shaping sessions and for some professional Mo-love.

Gillette Mobile Barber Shop Gillette Mobile Barber Shop Gillette Mobile Barber Shop

Of course as much fun and silliness as Movember is, the main reason we do what we do every year is to raise funds and awareness for male health issues. For more information and health stats go check out Movember's website

For the second time this year, we're hosting a Bowl's day at Zwartkop Country Club.

Movember 2013 Bowls

A R50 donation lets you play bowls the whole day, a free boerie and some Aqua Vita to wash it down. We've also hooked up some live entertainment at the bar afterwards. A lot of spot prizes (aka fines) and much more. There's even going to be a kissing booth with some beautiful ladies, that love a man with a Mo. Check the facebook event for more info.

Reminder:You can also support my Mo by donating a couple bucks on my Mo Space

Questions? Comments? Or just feeling lonely and wanna chat? I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below... or you also give me a shout on twitter @BraaiBoy or facebook as well.


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Movember 2013

by BraaiBoy 1. November 2013 17:48
As if we weren't having enough fun on our #BraaiUSA trip, 1 November also falls smack-bang in the middle of our trip, and by now, I'm sure you all know that means it's the start of #Movember

I managed to convince the whole Braai-B-Que team to join in and support the cause. Unfortunately we found ourselves in the middle of the desert on the 1st which meant we had to do a little improv when it came to the shaving off ceremony. Wath the video to see what I mean.

BraaiBoy Movember 2013 I've even adopted a new haircut for the occasion, but still need to decide on which style Mo to match it with. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

If you haven't already done so, please remember to join Team #BraaiMo and follow both Justin (@Justin_Bonello) and myself (@BraaiBoy) on twitter. We're having a bit of a Mo-Off at the end of the month.

Of course there's a serious side behind all this fun as well: South African men have a 1 in 23 lifetime risk for prostate cancer, around 5 men die from prostate cancer each day in South Africa – calculated based on 2000 men dying yearly. The whole idea is for men around the world to grow a moustache, with the support of the women in their lives, to raise awareness and funds for men’s health - specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health.

In 2012, over 1.1 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas raised over R1.2 billion globally and in South Africa there were over 30,000 participants raising over R7.1 million. Let's make 2013 even bigger. Go read up more on and register (for free).

Questions? Comments? Or just feeling lonely and wanna chat? I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below... or you also give me a shout on twitter @BraaiBoy or facebook as well.


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Nearly Time for Movember 2013

by BraaiBoy 27. September 2013 08:58
This will be the 4th year that I'll be shaving my goatee on 1 November and growing a Moustache for the rest of the month. Why would I intentionally want to look like a Spietkop? Well... to support Movember of course!

Movember Good fight

Just in case you've been living under a rock for the last couple of years: Movember (previously known as the month of November) is when for a whole month, guys across the world (over 1.1 million in 2012) grow their moustaches, raising money and awareness for men's health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer.

Movember Snake Banner Click image to join Team #BraaiMo

This year is going to be pretty awesome... Firstly, together with Team Chesanyama Braai-B-Que, I'll be starting my Mo-Journey this year on Route 66. We'll have recently finished our first competition in Lynchburg and we'll be in our RV's heading to Las Vegas. This also marks the start of the Mo-Off between Mr. Ultimate Braaimaster, Justin Bonello, and myself. More about that later though... Watch This Space ;-) In the meantime, follow Justin (@Justin_Bonello) and myself (@BraaiBoy) on twitter.

Movembeer 2012
Movembeer 2012
Then later in the month we'll be hosting a Bowls & Braai party at Zwartkop Country Club again (including a new vintage of MovemBeer) with an after party at Ridgeback Village in Centurion this time. And of course, there's the official Movember Gala Parté happening at Stones in Centurion. If all goes according to plan, I'm gonna be heading down to some of the CPT events as well.

So, yes... I've got a lot happening this Movember, and I'll be sharing the exact details closer to the time, but for now, I just need you to please register and join Team #BraaiMo. Oh yes and ladies, you are obviously encouraged to join in the festivities as well... Mo Sistas aren't required to grow a Mo, but your support is greatly appreciated ;-)

Questions? Comments? Or just feeling lonely and wanna chat? I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below... or you also give me a shout on twitter @BraaiBoy or facebook as well.


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Braai of Hope 2013

by BraaiBoy 17. September 2013 17:48
The other day I had a couple of friends over and hosted the first #BraaiOfHope in aid of The Starfish Greathearts Foundation, and since you're probably going to be braaing on the 24th anyway, I'm hoping I can encourage you to do the same.

Braai Of Hope

BraaiBoy Braai of Hope Braai Of Hope

I kept it very simple... We had a fillet starter (brushed with olive oil, done rare over a hot fire, thinly sliced and then doused with balsamic and worcester sauce ... a little bit of tobasco added for those looking for some burn.
Then for mains we had Lamb Chops, Boerewors & Braai Pie with some salads, and wrapped it up with some sweet bread & braaied marshmallows for dessert.

Fillet Starter Braai Pie Lamb Shop and Boerewors
Lovoka Dessert Braaing Marshmallows Braaied Marshmallows

Round 2 of dessert we went with some Lovoka & ice-cream, but unfortunately we never really got around to adding the ice-cream :-)

OK... so how do you get involved?
Braai Of Hope
click for larger image
Where: Your house, in a park or anywhere you choose
When: 24 September 2013
  1. Email the Starfish Greathearts Foundation on or message them on facebook ( and receive your host pack.
  2. Host a Braai and ask your friends to donate. It can be as little or as much as you like, every little bit helps!
  3. Feel proud knowing that you've done a good thing.

If you're on twitter, please share some of your tweets & pics using #BraaiOfHope, and if you're on facebook then head on over to and post some of the pics on their wall.

Thanks... You are all legends!


SANBS #DOnation

by BraaiBoy 30. January 2013 19:43
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and it's within all of us to be heroes.
I'm not talking about breaking world records or becoming an astronaut, but rather about donating blood.
I know it's a lot more fun to talk about the sex, drugs and rock and roll part of life... but every now and again it feels just as good to give back.

The first time I donated blood I was still at varsity, and while I don't remember if I just did it for the free biscuits, I've been a big fan of the SANBS (South African National Blood Service) ever since. They recently released a really cool little advert encouraging new and existing donors to be heroes.

Check it out - a little bit of feel-good vibes for you on a Wed. evening.

For more information on how you can donate blood, you can visit, tweet @theSANBS or fan the DOnation of heroes on facebook:

I'd love to hear your thoughts below, or you can always give me a shout on twitter: @BraaiBoy or facebook... otherwise I'll catch you at the next braai!


It's Movember time again

by BraaiBoy 29. October 2011 14:29
Yip, it's that time of the year again - Movember. Movember??? The month previously know as November sees guys all over the world grow their moustaches in support of CANSA, by raising funds and awareness of men's health issues (and specifically cancers that affect men, such as prostate cancer).

Those of you that were following my blog or Facebook around this time last year will remember my transition from BraaiBoy to "dodgy-looking traffic officer"-boy.

BraaiBoy - Movember 2010
SpietkopBoy - Movember 2010

Sound like fun? Then join in or support me... I'd really appreciate you guys supporting me in that little venture again this year. How can you help? There are many ways you can get involved:

1) Help me raise some cash for CANSA

2) Join the SnorCity team and grow your own Mo

3) Come join us for the BraaiMo party on the 25th November (details to be finalised... "watch this space").

For more info: Check out the "Movember Rules" and some quality moustache styles

I'll be posting my progress on FaceBook and Twitter ... so feel free to come keep tabs on me.


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A million people show up for Homeless Animals Day 2011

by BraaiBoy 27. August 2011 15:53

OK, so Saturday rolled around and I was off to Bronkhorstspruit to go help the guys from Wetnose Animal Recue Centre braai at one of the stalls. I was expecting to braai a couple of boerie rolls, take the dogs for a stroll and then drink a couple of beers... boy, was I in for a surprise.

We had like a million people rock up for the event and they all came hungry. OK, I think the organisers said it was closer to 1, 000... but it was still a shitload. I started braaing at 09h00 or so and didn't stop until just before 16h00. I think we braaied each and every piece of wors and all the patties available in all of Bronkies' butcheries... which is all good news for the animals, since all the proceeds from the day went to Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre who sorely need it as they don't receive any government funding.


Braai Time - Feeding the Masses

Thank you VERY much to everyone that popped in to say hello.

Braai Friends Braai Friends Braai Friends Braai Friends

There was also lots to entertainment throughout the day, including a dog show and even a beauty pageant... so all in all the day proved to be lots and fun, and I'm very much looking forward to next year - and I hope to see even more of you there. You're also more than welcoem to give them a shout any other time fo the year... - The WetNose Animal Rescue Centre is always looking for volunteers and a helping hand.

I'd love to hear your comments below, or you can always give me a shout on twitter or facebook... otherwise I'll catch around the braai!


Walk a dog while you snack on a boerie roll

by BraaiBoy 17. August 2011 13:27

Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre is hosting their annual Homeless Animal Day on Saturday, 27 Aug in Bronkhorstspruit. So please come join us and take a homeless friend for a walk.

Events kick off at 9am, and besides being able to adopt an orphaned dog (or cat) for the day and taking them on a 1km funwalk - for which you'll receive a special certificate - there will be lots of other fun and entertainment to be had:

  • A dog show presented by the dog unit;
  • “Ronnie” and her dogs will be hosting a show;
  • A Miss Wet Nose Animal Rescue model competition;
  • Food stalls (of which I'll be manning a braai at one, so please pop by and say 'Hi') and a beer garden;
  • BIG screen TV (so no excuses about missing the Rugby please);
  • Entertainment for the kids, so bring them along too!

There's gonna be a “food bowl” and everyone is encouraged bring any animal food, toys or blankets as well. If you can't make it to the event itself, Arcade Empire have volunteered to act as a collection point for donations... so get in touch with them if you need more info.

Wet Nose Day 2011


The Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre is based just outside Pretoria East, on the old Bronhorstspruit Road, Plot 75, Vaalbank

Please contact (013) 932 3941/2/6 or (013) 935 3368 for more info, or visit them on their website. If you're on twitter you can also get in touch with @WetNoseARC, Tyron (@Tyronlsa), Julia Rubkina (@Julzy85), Henno Gous (@whisperdscream) or Meg Ekart (@Meg_misshotcake))


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Put Foot Rally Entries

by BraaiBoy 31. May 2011 12:59

These are the entries for the competition for a seat on a truly epic adventure... If you want more info about the competition itself, head on back to the Win a trip through Africa post for more about the competition.

To vote for who you think should get the seat, please mention the person's name in the comments section of this post or browse on over to FaceBook and like the picture of your favourite entry.

The Entries

Skye, Put Foot Rally Entry
Skye Says: Perceivably too high maintenance for this kind of thing. Prepared to forego 5-star hotels and floss; and rough it up all in the name of a good jol (and charity obviously). I'm a carnivore, have a self-deprecating sense of humour and I won't drink your beer :-) What more do you need?

Christo, Put Foot Rally
Christo says: I'm a slightly proud member of the human race. I have lots of reserves and could go hungry for days if needed, although I'd prefer if we could braai every day on the trip.

Willie, Put Foot Rally
Willie says: I'm an inventor and an innovator. I'm the guy you need on any trip through Africa.

Vincent, Put Foot Rally
Vincent says: Hi. I am Vincent. I live for braais and Africa. Its been a dream to travel through Africa and your votes can make this come true. Braai and Smile!

Annamarie, Put Foot Rally
Annamarie says: We are very fortunate to visit this special people in Bushmanland in Namibia. They also forms part of our project of upliftment and responsible Tourism. Winning this will give me the opportunity to give someone less fortunate than myself the chance to experience the wonders of Africa.

Frikkie, Put Foot Rally
Frikkie says: Ek hou van braai, en ek hou van Afrika. Sit my in die bos met 'n vuurtjie en ek's op my gelukkigste.

Rikus, Put Foot Rally
Rikus says: Hi, I’m Rikus, and I’m a musician. That alone should tell you that I need your votes to travel. Do you know how many pizza’s a bassist has to deliver just to visit his parents, nevermind go on holiday? Well, I do... Furthermore, I LOVE The Braai, I always get photo-bombed, and I’ve never been North of South Africa. Oh, the girl is just there so more guys will like my pic :-)

Ronald, Put Foot Rally
Ronald says: Van Afrika tot Iraq, ‘n boer maak n plan met n braai - Ronald Andeson en Godfrey Anker - ons moes ma net die 2 en enigste speen varkies in Iraq braai die dag! En was hulle nie lekker so ver weg van huis nie!

Brennan, Put Foot Rally
Larissa (on behalf ofBrennan) says: He is an avid braaier in fact we braai a variety of things at least 3 times a week come rain or shine!!

If you'd like to enter... send me a picture of yourself in "Africa mode" and/or braaing, and I'll put you up for voting.


Put Foot Rally - Win a trip through Africa

by BraaiBoy 30. May 2011 18:35

I'm so super stoked and you should be too!

We've finally managed to organise some wheels for a little adventure through Africa. The Put Foot Rally is going to take us through 7 countries in 17 days in what is being billed as the first ever social rally in Southern Africa. This no route, no rules, no holds barred trip through Africa will see us kicking off in South Africa with our first stop in Namibia. Then we're off to Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and wrapping it up in Swaziland. It's Braai Time in Africa!

Put Foot Rally Bobs For Good Foundation
Put Foot Rally
The guys organising this party
Bobs For Good
The charity benefiting

OK, so it's obvious why I should be so fired up, but why did I say that you should be too? Well, as luck would have it... there's an open seat in our Landy, and it's reserved for one of you guys... and it's not gonna cost you!

So what do you need to do to get in on this action?
Pretty simple really:
1) Take a picture of yourself at a braai (or something Africa related... or both)
2) Email that picture to me (, accompanied by 2-3 sentences justifying why you should be chosen
3) I'll upload that picture to both Braaiboy's FaceBook page as well as on the website
4) Ask your friends to vote for your picture

The 3 pictures with the most website votes and Facebook likes will be entered into a lucky draw, and the winner will join us on the trip of a lifetime.

To view the entries in the competition, please go to Put Foot Entries

    Some Fineprint:
  • If you get eaten by a Lion or any other African fate befalls you, you will not hold BraaiBoy or any of his sponsors liable.
  • You need to sign and agree to the Putfoot Crew Entry Agreement - available
  • You need a valid passport, visas and inoculations
  • You food, travel and accommodation will be taken care of, but you will be be liable for your own booze, items of a personal nature and "extra activities" we might come across along the way
  • Competition closes on Wed. 8th June @ 12h00 and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter
  • We kick off in Cape Town on the 22nd June and you will need to get yourself there, and get yourself back home on the 8th July
  • BraaiBoy reserves the right to amend or alter any clauses relating to the competition
  • Judge's (BraaiBoy's) decision is final



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