Checkers Boerewors Competition

by BraaiBoy 11. June 2014 08:03
Making one's own boerewors is a very simple process. Making a "champion" boerewors... well now THAT's an art.

Checkers Boerewors Competition 2014

Now don't worry if you don't know your pork fat from your brisket... my buddies at Deli Spices have agreed to hook me and 9 others up with spices, advice and even open their kitchens up to us so that we can make the boerewors.
So whether you're a seasoned boerewors maker or if your experience is limited to eating the good stuff only, I'm looking for 9 of you to join me and we'll take on South Africa for the title of Checkers 2014 Boerewors Champion.

How do you enter?
Easy peasy: Pop me a mail with your name and contact details, or comment on this post below, and someone will give you a call.
P.S. Entries need to be in by Friday ... so you need to hurry!

Got any questions or comments? I'd love to hear from you: you can always give me a shout on twitter or facebook... otherwise I'll catch you at the next braai.


Capital Craft Beer Festival: 2014

by BraaiBoy 6. June 2014 09:14
Last year Pretoria's first Capital Craft beer festival took place at the Voortrekker Monument, and if you missed it, let me assure you that you missed an awesome festival. This year Capital Craft will be combining 2 of my favourite pastimes again: Drinking beer and braaing. If you share the same passions make sure you get to the Voortrekker Monument on 14 June from 10h30.

Capital Craft Beer Festival 2014

Capital Craft brings together old traditions and new experiences. We combine the age-old tradition of drinking beer with new and exciting musical acts and introduce you to a vast variety of local micro-manufactured brews.

Date: Saturday, 14 June 2014
Venue: Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria
Time: Gates Open at 10h30AM - 18h00PM
Tickets: Pre-Sold on, R120 at the Gate.

Read on if you'd like to win some free tickets and free chow.

Capital Craft Flyer Micro-breweries have fast become the tasty and trendy alternative to commercially brewed beers. The painstaking efforts taken to brew and mature these specialist beers can be tasted with each and every sip. At the Capital Craft Beer fest, you will be able to sample beers by 19 different micro brewers from all over the country, showcasing 91 different beers.

Some Useful Things to Know:
  • There will be an off sales area that will open at 12:30 where you can purchase bottles to take home.
  • We will be using a token system. How this works, is that you buy tokens and then you can get beer with the tokens.
  • Entrance, token stand and off sales area will have card machines.
  • Please bring picnic blankets or camping chairs.
  • We do have card machines but please do bring cash. There are ATM machines at the Monument around the corner from the beer festival site.
  • At the gate you will be given a site map containing all the info of where to find the brewers and toilets etc.
  • The Monument charges R10 per car for parking.

OK... so I mentioned free tickets and free chow earlier?

Yip Yip... I've got 5 single tickets to give away as well as hooking you up with a free Boerie Roll or free Pulled Pork Burger (come passed the BraaiBoy food stall).

OK, so how do you get your hands on these tickets?

1) Send me a tweet - something along the lines of "Yo @BraaiBoy , I love my Beer - pls hook me up with some free braai chow and tix to @capitalcraftpta" - to make it easy, you can simply click here to send the tweet.

2) RT the tweet below:

Update: Due to popular demand (by those not using twitter), I've decided you can enter by commenting on this post as well. Just let me know which brewery you are most keen to try out if you do win.

Competition closes on Sunday 8th June 2014, and winners will be announced on Monday morning.

Got any questions and/or comments? Please get in touch, or give me a shout on twitter or facebook... otherwise I'll see you at the party!


Road To STRAB 2014

by BraaiBoy 5. May 2014 13:32
Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 10 years, you will have heard about the awesomeness that is STRAB. The idea of a music festival in Mozambique started in 2001 when a group of scuba divers decided to add some live music to one of their weekends at Ponta Malongane, located at the southern tip of Mozambique. It started out as the Birthday Bash and in 2003, Piet Botha and his friends came up with the term Subterranean Rhythm & Blues experience which was abbreviated to STRAB.

Now, while the festival itself is awesome, one of the highlights of the whole experience is the "Road To STRAB" parties that are held leading up to festival. We've already had 2 such parties and the 3rd and final one is taking place at Arcade Empire (Pretoria) on the 17th May.

Road To STRAB 2014 Bring your own meat (pap & sauce provided) and join us for a Bring & Braai. There will be enough braais available for you to braai your own meat, or if you prefer you can drop it off with me, and I'll make sure it's tanned to perfection.

If you come dressed as your favourite SUPERHERO, you'll stand a chance to win some awesome prizes as well!
STRAB costume Rental

All of this is available for just R80 for the whole day! (Get your tickets at the door)

How Can you WIN some tickets?
I've got 5 single tickets to give away, and you can win them by doing one (or more) of the following:
1) Send a tweet telling me as which superhero you will be dressing up.
e.g. I'm going to @STRABFestival #RoadToSTRAB at @ArcadeEmpire as XXXX - pls hook me up with tickets @BraaiBoy
click here to send the tweet

2) RT The tweet below:

3) Tell me in the comments section below who your favourite superhero is, and why.

BTW: There are still tickets available for STRAB (More info here:, and just in case you aren't convinced, here are some snaps of what you'll be missing if you don't come join us later this month

The view at STRAB The view at STRAB R&R time at STRAB
The view at STRAB The view at STRAB R&R time at STRAB
images courtesy of Henno Kruger

Got any questions and/or comments? Please get in touch, or give me a shout on twitter or facebook... otherwise I'll see you at the party!


Happy Birthday - BraaiBoy Turns 5

by BraaiBoy 15. April 2014 21:36
If you've been following this blog (or my twitter or facebook accounts), you'd know that the 17th April marks year number 5 that I've been on this little adventure of mine.

In addition, you'd also know that I never let an opportunity for a party pass me by, and what better reason for some serious celebrations than a birthday.

The 17th April also marks the start of the Otterlake Easter Festival 2014. Since Otterlake takes place from 17 to 21 April, I'll be celebrating my birthday over the course of 5 days. 5 days... turning 5... if that isn't fate, then I don't know what is.

Otterlake Easter Festival Line-Up 2014
Otterlake Easter Festival 2014 Line-up
As you can see from the line-up, there's more than enough reason to be there for the whole weekend (tickets available on the Otterlake website for just R350). However, if you choose to do so, you can get yourself a day-pass to the festivities for just R100.

BraaiBoy Crystal Park Giveaway Bring & Braai Every Day
If you're too drunk, hungover or just plain lazy, head on over to my braai stand every day with your meat at around 12h00. I'll have a couple extra braais going where you can either braai and chill out with us, or I'll even braai your lunch for you.

Easter BraaiBroodjies with Crystal Park
Crystal Park are taking to the stage on Friday @ 17h30, and because it also happens to be their birthday in April, we've teamed up to offer you some snacks during their show as well. Never tasted a bacon & cheese hot cross bun braaibroodjie? Neither have I, so make sure you get to the main stage at 17h30 on Friday and let me know what you think.

a top secret VIP party
OK, so it's not THAT top secret. Inbox me on any of my channels and I'll send you a link to the invite ;-)

Looking for discounted tickets?
If it happens to be your birthday during April, then pop me a message on facebook, twitter or via my contact page with your full names & ID number and I'll put your name onto a list and you'll get 50% off your ticket when you buy it at the gate on Thursday.

Looking for FREE tickets?
You're in luck again... I happen to have a set of double tickets to give away. How do you lay your hands on them? Easy... Comment on this post and/or send me a tweet and/or post on my facebook wall letting me know who your favourite band is at Otterlake this year (remember to tag @BraaiBoy and @Otterlake_Fest) and I'll pick a random winner tomorrow (16 April at 12h00).

Got any questions? Please get in touch, or give me a shout on twitter or facebook... otherwise I'll see you at the party!


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Braai time at the cricket

by BraaiBoy 14. January 2014 16:56
On Sunday (19th Jan) the Titans are taking on the Knights at SuperSport Park. Yeah, OK... and why am I telling you this? Well, because in addition to some awesome T20 action, there's going to be a little braai competition as well.

Titans/SuperSport Park T20 Cricket Shisa Nyama My good friends over at Ridgeback Village have invited me to represent them in this braai competition... and we're on the hunt for some cheerleaders/supporters. So, if you're keen on cricket (and of course braaing), then here's your chance to score some free tickets to the game and come cheer us on in the braai-off.

What do you need to do?

1) Post a picture of you in braai and/or cricket mode to my facebook page: BraaiBoy Facebook

2) I'll pick 5 of the coolest pics (pics with a lot of likes might sway my opinion)

The 5 winners (and a buddy each) will join us at SuperSport Park on Sunday (19th) for a braai, a couple beers and then watch the Titans klap the Knights.

P.s. In order to qualify you would need to actually like the Ridgeback Facebook Page as well.

Questions? Comments? Or just feeling lonely and wanna chat? I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below... or you can give me a shout on twitter @BraaiBoy or facebook as well.


Kicking off Park Acoustics 2014

by BraaiBoy 8. January 2014 23:01
Park Acoustics is not going to be easing into 2014 with the January line-up, and it will have been nearly a month since your New Year's hangover, so you've got no reason to either.

Park Acoustics - January 2014

Headlining this month's main stage is none other than Fokofpolisiekar. But it's being held on top at the fort I hear you say. There's only place for about 2, 000 people I hear you say as well. That is correct folks, so make sure you buy your tickets early. I have it on good authority that there aren't going to be any tickets available at the gates this month, so if you want to join the party, then book your tickets online at Hurry up... sommer go there right now... Don't come crying to me if they are sold out before you get yours!

Having just advised you not to delay... just because you guys are so awesome, here's a chance for you to win 5 tickets to this month's Park Acoustics:
(let's keep it quick & simple though, so that if you don't win, there's hopefully still some time to buy some tickets)
a) for a chance to win 1 of 3 tickets: Send a tweet, tagging @ParkAcoustics, @BraaiBoy and your favourite band/comedian that's gonna be there... get creative... and of course make sure you're actually following the handles you mention :-)

b) You can also RT this tweet for a chance to win another set of double tickets.

    Rules, T's & C's etc.
  • Winners are drawn at random from a list of all correct entries.
  • You may enter as many times as you like on each of the platforms
  • All entries close Monday, 13 Jan 2014 at 12h00, winners will be announced shortly thereafter
  • You need to claim your prize and send your details to the event organisers before Friday (17th Jan)
  • The prize is a general admission ticket to Park Acoustics, January 2014
  • The event takes place in Pretoria, so if you're not in the area, you will need to get there yourself
  • Where applicable, the Standard Competition Rules apply. If any of those rules conflict with a rule mentioned above, the above rule takes precedence.

Reminder: You are more than welcome to bring your own picnic basket, and even alcohol, but please leave the glass bottles behind. Borries and I will of course be on duty with boerie rolls and pulled pork burgers and there's a very large bar, so make sure you bring cash if you don't bring your own food & drink.

Park Acoustics - November 2013
Bring a tjop or two and I'll even braai it for you
Park Acoustics - November 2013
Park Acoustics, November 2013

Questions? Comments? Or just feeling lonely and wanna chat? I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below... or you can give me a shout on twitter @BraaiBoy or facebook as well.


Movember 2013 - MOgress

by BraaiBoy 18. November 2013 18:31
So I've been a little slow out of the blocks this year with raising funds for Movember, but I'm hoping that the fact that I was in other timezones with little or no access to Internet (and WAY too many distractions) will afford me a little leeway.

If you are growing a Mo this year, you should have quite a bit to show. The uncomfortable, itchy early days are now a thing of the past and smoother days lie ahead.

BraaiBoy Movember 2013 MOgress
Here's my MOgress

Gillete got involved with Movember this year and put together and awesome Mobile Barber Shop. I was fortunate enough to pop into one of their mobile shaping sessions and for some professional Mo-love.

Gillette Mobile Barber Shop Gillette Mobile Barber Shop Gillette Mobile Barber Shop

Of course as much fun and silliness as Movember is, the main reason we do what we do every year is to raise funds and awareness for male health issues. For more information and health stats go check out Movember's website

For the second time this year, we're hosting a Bowl's day at Zwartkop Country Club.

Movember 2013 Bowls

A R50 donation lets you play bowls the whole day, a free boerie and some Aqua Vita to wash it down. We've also hooked up some live entertainment at the bar afterwards. A lot of spot prizes (aka fines) and much more. There's even going to be a kissing booth with some beautiful ladies, that love a man with a Mo. Check the facebook event for more info.

Reminder:You can also support my Mo by donating a couple bucks on my Mo Space

Questions? Comments? Or just feeling lonely and wanna chat? I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below... or you also give me a shout on twitter @BraaiBoy or facebook as well.


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One Small Victory

by BraaiBoy 16. November 2013 12:58
Braaing is better than Frying, and the folks over at Novo Nordisk South Africa agree. They even decided to give me an award for doing so. How kind of them :-)

One Small Victory Award
One small Victory Award - click for larger image

To create awareness around both diabetes and the importance of maintaining good health, Novo Nordisk has launched a campaign that reasons one daily win, anytime, is a win for good health. Consistent daily wins make a big difference to our health, and help lessen the chances of type 2 diabetes.

Changing Diabetes

Going for a walk, saying no to office cake, doing some push-ups – whatever your healthy action is, it is One Small Victory to celebrate. Got questions? Ask an expert

If you feel that you've done something deserving of a "#OneSmallVictory High-5" let me know and you can win R1, 000 Nike voucher by sharing your one small victory with me:
Visit One Small Victory and share your daily win, then tweet me using #OneSmallVictory. e.g.
"#OneSmallVictory @BraaiBoy I haven't smoked in 2 days” or
"#OneSmallVictory @BraaiBoy I tasted my steak BEFORE adding more salt"
or whatever you feel is deserving of that High-5.

One Small Victory

No matter how big or small the victory, simply let me know and you'll stand a chance to win the voucher. Competition closes on Monday morning... so own that victory, let me know and win the voucher.



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November Park Acoustics

by BraaiBoy 16. November 2013 10:55

I missed October's Park Acoustics (I was living it up in Las Vegas with the rest of the Braai-B-Que team), and thank you everyone for the tweets saying that you missed me too, but rest assured there is no way I'm missing November's event.

In typical Park Acoustics fashion the last event for the year is going to be epic. This year, Mango Groove will be entertaining the crowds. Formed in 1984, Mango Groove is the only band in SA to have had an album on the sales chart for over a year. Along with numerous international awards, they've had 12 number-one hits in SA and won almost every SA music award that's ever existed.

Park Acoustics November

Supporting Mango Groove are a ton of awesome other acts on 4 stages including the likes of aKing, Mix 'n Blend, The Rudimentals, Napalma, Mathew Mole and many many more. After all the good music, the Comedy stage will entertain the crowds as usual from 17h00 headlined by John Vlismas. Check for the full line-up. Tickets are available on the site for just R150, or you can get your ticket at the gate for R200. Heads up though: If history is anything to go by though, if you want to get tickets at the gate, you're going to need to get there really early as they'll be selling out fast.

Park Acoustics November Park Acoustics September
a braai with a view

Park Acoustics September
a little Jack Honey for the soul

Bring a Mango, get free food!

Borries & I will be at our usual spots serving up some Boerie Rolls and Pulled Pork Burgers. However... instead of requiring you to send us a tweet for free food this month, the first 50 people to bring us a Mango will get either a boerie roll or pork burger (with or without mango atchar). Yes, that's a lot of Mango going on at Park Acoustics this month - but what sort of person doesn't like Mangoes (or Mango Groove) :-)

Win Free Tickets!!!

For this month's free tickets I'm going to ask you to tweet me a picture of a mango - easy as that. I'll pick 2 people at random on Monday morning.

Update: RT This tweet and you can win 1 of 3 tickets as well:

Questions? Comments? Or just feeling lonely and wanna chat? I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below... or you can give me a shout on twitter @BraaiBoy or facebook as well.


Movember 2013

by BraaiBoy 1. November 2013 17:48
As if we weren't having enough fun on our #BraaiUSA trip, 1 November also falls smack-bang in the middle of our trip, and by now, I'm sure you all know that means it's the start of #Movember

I managed to convince the whole Braai-B-Que team to join in and support the cause. Unfortunately we found ourselves in the middle of the desert on the 1st which meant we had to do a little improv when it came to the shaving off ceremony. Wath the video to see what I mean.

BraaiBoy Movember 2013 I've even adopted a new haircut for the occasion, but still need to decide on which style Mo to match it with. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

If you haven't already done so, please remember to join Team #BraaiMo and follow both Justin (@Justin_Bonello) and myself (@BraaiBoy) on twitter. We're having a bit of a Mo-Off at the end of the month.

Of course there's a serious side behind all this fun as well: South African men have a 1 in 23 lifetime risk for prostate cancer, around 5 men die from prostate cancer each day in South Africa – calculated based on 2000 men dying yearly. The whole idea is for men around the world to grow a moustache, with the support of the women in their lives, to raise awareness and funds for men’s health - specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health.

In 2012, over 1.1 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas raised over R1.2 billion globally and in South Africa there were over 30,000 participants raising over R7.1 million. Let's make 2013 even bigger. Go read up more on and register (for free).

Questions? Comments? Or just feeling lonely and wanna chat? I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below... or you also give me a shout on twitter @BraaiBoy or facebook as well.


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