Introduction to the Braai Pie

by BraaiBoy 9. June 2010 10:15



Man Alive!

You have not eaten until you've eaten a braai pie. I LOVE a fresh pie (not the dodgy garage pies one tends to buy in a drunken state at 3 am) and I LOVE to braai... so how I haven't come across this in the last how many years of my adult life, I have no idea.

But thanks to a friend of mine, Cara Vosloo, I was introduced to the wonder that is the Braai Pie. The concept is fairly simple: you take puff pastry, fill it with bacon, cheese and other bits and braai it... YUM! I'll be posting the full recipe with some more pics in the recipe section of the site fairly soon.

Trust me folks when I say: You have to try this one!

 Update: I've uplaoded the full recipe here: Braai Pie



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Interesting looking kind of pie.This is such a great idea of posting.

caterers @ 23 Mar 11 03:02 | Reply

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