Braaingterview: Ashtray Electric

by BraaiBoy 21. October 2011 10:02

I met Rudi at Oppikoppi this year while he was funneling loads of Tequila down people's throats on the Jose Cuervo Deck. We got to chatting and he agreed to pop in for a braai the next time they were playing in Pretoria.

About Ashtray Electric:
Winner of MK`s Best Newcomer Award 2009 and voted to have the potential to be SA`s next musical export, Ashtray Electric have been leaving their gutsy footprints at venues and festivals nationwide. Their music is laced with engaging melodies and packed with galloping riffs and attitude. Add to that their signature sleazy-slow motion sexiness and you`ll find this unique package of four musicians that have skillfully made their mark.
Ashtray Electric first unapologetically gallivanted onto the SA Music Scene three years ago. Their debut album “Bonjour” received rave reviews from fans and media alike. Music journalist Atiyyah Khan commented: “Ashtray Electric is in fashion. They most certainly ignite something electric on stage.”

The plan was for us to hook up at about 14h00, but in true rock star fashion they pitched up a couple hours late. I treated the guys to a little Fillet starter, which went down a treat. Next up was Rudi - He did some traditional chops & wors and received good reviews all around.

Regardt playing Silly Buggers Braai multitasking
Silly Buggers Multitasking

After a couple of Jagermeisters, the tongues really started wagging, but I couldn't get them to divulge any of their dirty little secrets on camera... one of these days I'll get a band to share their sordid tour stories with us.

Check out some of the things we chatted about. Please note that a lot of this was shot after the shots and beers had been flowing for a while... so, there's a bit of swearing here and there - My apologies to the sensitive viewers.

Also check out their colab with Gazelle:

If you haven't been to one of their shows yet, do yourself a favour and go check out these 'bunch of knobs trying to make music' *their own words*. You can catch them on twitter (@AshtrayElectric), Facebook and YouTube

I'd especially like to thank Dames & Here for helping with the production and editing of the video, and a ShoutOut to Arcade Empire for hosting us... You guys Rock!


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A Daft Scots Lass

I love listening to the conversations around the braai.

A Daft Scots Lass @ 21 Oct 11 11:49 | Reply


Yeah, a braai is a great catalyst for a chat. I'm going to be sharing a lot more of these kinds of braai interviews soon... Watch this space Smile

braaiboy @ 21 Oct 11 12:29 | Reply


I love Ashtray electric!

Rochelle @ 21 Oct 11 14:12 | Reply

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