Dude, where's my braai [pics]

by BraaiBoy 4. April 2012 08:27

OK, so I had the pleasant experience of becoming a statistic this morning and as a result have lost a couple days' braai pics :-(

While we were sound asleep in bed, somebody decided that they would be able to make better use of my property and came to collect it for themselves. Unfortunately that property included my laptop with my braai pictures from the last 3 days. Replacing computers, camera and other material things are easy enough if you've got insurance, but it's the data on those things that can't be replaced, and as a result... for the first time in 3 years, I've got a 3-day gap in my daily braai pics. May those bastards rot in hell!


at least I've still got my braai apron

Along with mud and shit traipsed through the house, at least they left me with my apron :-)


The house is of course littered with evidence, and I can see prints on the windows and door with the naked eye, but the highly motivated and enthusiastic SAPS guys that rocked up let me know that someone will come collect fingerprints in "a couple of days, definitely not today or tomorrow". Now, I haven't passed any police academy training or anything like that, but surely the sooner you get to a crime scene, the more likely you are to solve the crime? So... if any of you are buddies with Horatio, let me know so that I can get him and his team in here - SAPS clearly aren't very interested in solving anything.


braai pics theft escape route braai pics theft escape route

All my shit went THAT way... :-(


they left me with some papers

and I'm guessing when you steal for a living, you don't need paperwork?



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Hi Gareth, This was so unnecessary. We had about the same experience two weeks ago. The bastards tried to brake into my in-law's flat on my plot. Unfortunately for them, my bullterriers weren't asleep. They woke me and I probably chased them away. They got away with my father-in-law's 2.5Kva generator, but I took the spoor at 3 in the morning and chased them for two kilo's. They had to leave the generator in the bushes, where I found it and brought it back. I also found their housebraking tools (which is now mine). When I arived back home the police were fast asleep in their Citi Golf, with the engine running. Me being a retired SAPS colonel, gave them a speach they will never forget, and told them to go sleep at another place because I have already done their work for them. No use registering a case, with the police in the state they are! I hope you get your stuff back. It's never a nice experience.

Willie @ 04 Apr 12 19:07 | Reply

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