Some fun in front of the camera

by BraaiBoy 19. February 2013 09:12
The guys from Foto..n invited me over for a day of fooling around in front of a camera.. this is some of what went down:

Nadine & Nico contacted me on twitter a couple weeks back. They were looking for 5 lucky individuals, brands or companies to be part of their "Lucky 13" project, and they had some fun ideas for a photo shoot, and wanted me to be of the the lucky 5. Always up for a bit of fun, I agreed without giving it a second though, and so the other day we met up at the Spar in Carlswald for the first of 2 sessions.

The theme for the day would later be referred to as the "Meat Locker in the Sky"... Being surrounded by all that meat, I was in my happy place.

Defending My Meat Locker

Nadine & Nico managed to distract me enough to get a couple good shots in, and soon enough we were done.

Enjoying my Wors BraaiBoy is Too Cool

The weather (and previous night parties) have caused a couple delays in a 06h00 call time for the next shoot, but I'm really looking forward to that one... Nico & Nadine have got some cool ideas for shots they're gonna take... "Watch This Space" as they say.

You can see a few more shots over here:

and get in touch with the Foto...n guys if you need a professional team to do any photography work... I highly recommend them.

I'd love to hear your comments below, or you can always give me a shout on twitter: @BraaiBoy or facebook... otherwise I'll catch you at the next braai!


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Is that beef of horse?

Philly @ 19 Feb 13 12:53 | Reply


Neigh man!!! It's definitely beef - with a splash of pork for good measure.

braaiboy @ 19 Feb 13 13:10 | Reply

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